We want the people we work with to live their lives their own way to realise their potential and have opportunities to meet that potential whatever their impairment and disability.

You do not have to live your life differently because you need a little extra support. We can support you to make your life easier, working with you to do the basic tasks of daily life, so you can focus on the big things.

We will meet with you and your family to devise with a personalised support plan that fits you and your life exactly the way you want.

Our carers can help with everyday tasks like getting up, washing, personal hygiene and bedtime routines. We can also help with shopping, preparing meals, shopping, laundry and cleaning.We can also help you to manage your medication routine, with managing bills and help you get used to being at home again after you have been in hospital.

We strongly believe that interaction and involvement with your local community impacts positively on your general health and well-being, so we can support you to do this in ways including accompanying you to attend religious services or social events, taking part in activities you’re interested in or initiating new interests/hobbies. We can also support you to take part in activities that will enhance your well being through social interaction in sports or leisure, working full-time or part time, volunteering or continuing your education.

Our services are designed to be as individual as you are, from short-term support following an illness or stay in hospital, to long-term support for as long as you need.

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