Whilst living at home has lots of benefits, at times you may feel lonely or isolated. Seeing a friendly face can lift your spirits, break up the day and give you something to look forward to.

Our social care service reassures individuals that someone is there to offer support and gives friends and family confidence that their loved ones are having their social needs met.

Whether you would like some companionship in the morning, perhaps to chat about the morning news, or to have someone to share a cup of tea with in the afternoon, you can arrange a social care call at any time of the day, and as little or often as you want.

During a social care call our carers can:

  • Pop in for a chat

  • Arrange appointments

  • Stimulate social awareness

  • Escort to appointments

  • Assist with clothes selection

  • Monitor diet and eating

  • Rent and play movies

  • Plan visits, outings and trips

  • Visit neighbours friends and relatives

  • Attend club meetings/sporting events

  • Assist with attending or arranging hairdresser appointments

  • Assist with your hobbies/crafts

  • Discuss current/historical events

  • Reminisce about the past

  • Play games such as cards, chess or a jigsaw puzzle

  • Pet care including walking and playing with your pets

  • Take you on a trip out of the house, such as for some fresh air down the local park or a coffee in the local cafe

We can also provide transport and companionship to family events, visits to church/temple, GP or hospital appointments, library or other places you want to access in the community.

  • To discuss your requirements, please call 0116 442 2181

    We will be happy to talk to you and arrange a complimentary consultation.

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